quinta-feira, 24 de setembro de 2009

Monsieur Dubois - Ruff

Monsieur Dubois é uma fantástica banda holandesa que começou a sua trajetória fazendo shows pelo mundo todo antes de estrear com este incrível álbum "Ruff" em 2006. Influenciados pelo trabalho de Horace Silver, John Coltrane, Eddie Harris e Cannonball Aderley, Monsieur Dubois faz um trabalho moderno que vai do Acid Jazz ao Nu Jazz com muita competência nos arrojados arranjos de seus membros. FANTASTIC & THE KILLER ACID JAZZ DUTCH ALBUM!!!

1. Das Banck
2. Bowlin'
3. Spy's Metaphor
4. Monsieur Dubois S'Amuse
5. Dreaming
6. Multiball
7. Da Heazz
8. G.T.R
9. I.D.#1
10. Rue Danemark
11. Killer Herman

Kasper Kalf: Double Bass
Rudi Sanders: Drums
Maarten Meddens: Fender Rhodes, Keyboards
Renzo Van Riemsdiijk: Guitars
Bart Wirtz: Saxophones, Flutes, Effects
Dirk Beets: Trumpet, Effects
Udo Demandt: Percussions
Lodewijk Hulsman: Cavaquinho (Track 5)


6 comentários:

steve disse...

This too is EXCELLENT . . . track #3 is the best. Does this band have more? THANKS!!!

Rhodesway disse...

Thanks, Steve. Monsieur Dubois has another cd "Soul Integration" (2008), but I don't have one.
Best reggards

Jur disse...

Thanks, "Multiball" and "M.Dubois s' Amuse" are also fine tracks!

Anônimo disse...

Guys I will tell you this as one of the bandmembers of Monsieur Dubois. This CD cost us 15.000 EUR to make. Please if you like this music, go you a store and pay for it!
To keep bands alive that's the only thing fans can do; keep paying for music.
Multiple professionals put their hard work into making such CD's. Musicians, studio, engineer, mixing engineer, mastering engineer, graphic artists.
All these people try to make a living and are depending on the ecosystem that we work in.
Keep music alive, keep this knowledge and system alive: buy our music please.

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